Red Carpet Diaries Fic Archive

These stories are based on the MC (Delphine Reyes) and Thomas Hunt pairing in Red Carpet Diaries.

One Shots

Medicine for Nerves
Delphine is about to meet Thomas Hunt’s family for the first time. However,
her nerves are getting to her. What can Thomas do to help her?

The Novice Horse Rider
Thomas is spending some time with Stephanie in her hometown in Iowa. But while he’s there, he will learn about one of her loves, and it may involve saddling up! (Note: This was written for a friend, using her MC, Stephanie Park.)

Thomas Hunt returns after a month-long shoot overseas. What will the anticipation of their reunion mean for each other?

Romance Languages
Delphine has arrived in Los Angeles and ends up meeting the famous action star Matt Rodriguez at a party. However, she may have caught the eye of someone else.


Emergency Contact

Delphine is contacted as Thomas Hunt’s emergency contact when an accident occurs.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3 (Final Part Coming Soon)

Until the End

Delphine has a near-death experience. What does this hold for her and Thomas Hunt’s future?
Chapter 1: Run
Chapter 2: Into the Void
Chapter 3: Trainwreck
Chapter 4 (Coming Soon)