Choices: Stories You Play Fic Archive

These stories are based on other Choices books, which I love but may be inspired to write for sometimes. My current major inspirations are Open Heart and Red Carpet Diaries. They have their own pages.


Hunt & Ramsey

These are short stories about Ethan Ramsey (Open Heart) and Thomas Hunt (Red Carpet Diaries) where they are a couple in an alternate universe of Choices. The series is based on the backstory created by myself and hopelessromantic1352. All stories are listed in chronological order.

Patient Care
An illness changes Ethan’s entire plans with Thomas, but it could be for the better.

An intimate moment between Ethan and Thomas gets disrupted, leading to some awkwardness. Are they in jeopardy of being caught?

A Proposition
Ethan and Thomas meet up at their usual spot for their weekly lunch date, but their conversation turns into a choice about their future together.

Mother of the Year

These stories are based on the family of MC (Freya Day) and her daughter Zoey, and the pairing of Levi Schuler and MC from Mother of the Year.

A New Beginning
Levi has moved in with Freya and Zoe. While Freya is out running a few errands, Levi is bonding more with Zoey as the two of them spend their first morning together.

The Royal Masquerade

These stories are based on the MC (Katerina Aster) and Kayden Vescovi (M!Crown Shield) pairing in The Royal Masquerade.

One Shots

Romantic Fiction
Kayden can’t get the new Lady of the House of Aster out of his mind. After retiring from his long day, he finds some comfort in a present she had given him. 


The Path of Thorns
The House of Fierro is now the true successors of Queen Kendra, and Damon Fierro has been crowned King of Cordonia. Now, he is set out on holding those accountable for Queen Kendra’s assassination for the purpose of bringing a new order to the kindgom.

Part 1 (Coming Soon!)