Star Wars Fic Archive

One Shots

The Mandalorian

First Words
Din Djarin and the Child are now safe travelling after the aftermath on Nevarro. They have some time to themselves as a clan of two.

Star Wars: Sequel Trilogy

Kylo Ren has a decision to make after catching Rey trying to escape from his ship.

The Gift
Leia gives Rey a gift, but that’s not the only gift Rey will receive.

Star Wars Legends: Dawn of the Jedi

Tau and Shae use their pilgrimage in the Silent Desert to find their own balance in the Force. But through it all, they will learn more about the extent of their Force bond with each other as Shae finds her balance through her ultimate fear and Tau finds his balance through his ultimate love.


Sequel Trilogy

Episode IX: Legacies of the Force
It’s been over a year after the events on Crait. The Resistance has been reborn, and now the First Order is under the new leadership of Supreme Leader Kylo Ren. As the battle for the galaxy continues, a powerful new threat that has a connection to both the past and the future seeks to fulfill a legacy. And this new threat will force key players on both sides to face their own legacies, which will determine the final outcome of the war and the true balance of the Force.

Chapter 1
A Resistance team comprised of Poe, Rey, and Rose infiltrate General Hux’s ship to rescue Finn. But they are met against a dark foe who has allied themselves with Hux’s plans.

Modern Alternate Universe (Sequel Trilogy)

A Compass in the Dark
Love can meet across the stars, but sometimes it needs guidance, patience, and understanding. Ben and Rey are two people who meet in a place of loneliness and darkness. They are two kindred spirits who find solace in each other. But there are secrets about Ben that Rey has yet to learn, secrets that could change everything that she ever believed to be true, secrets that could rip apart the very connection to the one person who has begun to show her the light in their shared darkness.

Chapter 1
Ben and Rey meet, but is it destined or accidental?