Drabble Archive

This is my collection of drabbles, short stories of less than 1000 words. This collection includes short ideas to help me write a little bit each day when I cannot work on my larger fics. In other words, drabbles help with my writing blocks.

Open Heart

Header for Open Heart drabbles. It includes an image of Ethan Ramsey and MC.

#1 Midnight Call
Zyra gets an unexpected surprise late at night.

#2 Sprained
The softball game between Edenbrook and Mass Kenmore gets a bit heated.

#3 Pictogram for Beginners
Ethan takes a break at work by scrolling through Pictogram.

#4 Honeymoon Stage
There’s nothing like falling asleep with the one you love.

#5 On Call
Being parents leaves Ethan and Zyra always on call, even when they can finally find some intimate time alone.

Star Wars

Header for Star Wars drabbles with Rey and Kylo Ren images.

#1 The Last Sith
What is Rey’s true purpose for returning to Tatooine? This is a retelling of the final scene of “The Rise of Skywalker”.