Open Heart Fic Archive

These stories are based on the MC (Dr. Zyra Lewis) and Dr. Ethan Ramsey pairing from Open Heart.

One Shots

A Learning Curve
When Zyra isn’t feeling well, Ethan has to take over his daughter’s entire morning routine by himself.

Boards and Games
Zyra is reaching the end of her residency and has passed her medical boards. She and Ethan spend an impromptu time celebrating with some fun and games.

Breath of Life
It’s been two months since Dolores’ passing. Ethan and Zyra have a random encounter that continues bringing them closer together and helping each other heal in their shared grief and in Ethan’s loneliness. 

Down the Path We Have Chose
Ethan and Zyra are going through their own separate crises after the events of chapter 13. They both are navigating their situations, but Zyra is there to help Ethan as he struggles with his failures.

Drunk in Love
A night out with her friends leaves Zyra as a happy drunk with a loose tongue.

Fire and Rain
An event will change the lives at Edenbrook forever.

Fumbling Towards You
The interns have completed their first year, and the gang is throwing a party at their apartment. Landry accidentally does something to Dr. Ramsey that becomes the catalyst for Dr. Ramsey and Zyra finally submitting to their feelings.

Good Morning
Dr. Ethan Ramsey and Dr. Zyra Lewis are married and enjoy a morning routine together.

I Got You
Ethan and Zyra are first time parents with a newborn.

If Only You Were Here
Ethan’s strange behavior has Zyra concerned. But once Zyra learns of the identity of Patient X, everything comes into a whole new perspective.

Letting Go
Ethan takes Zyra to a conference in Miami to find information to help with Dr. Banerji’s case. However, being stuck on a plane together brings out truths about their feelings for each other. 

The Secret
Zyra learns a secret about Ethan after waking up from her nap.

The Sky Falls and the Wind Cries
Zyra is attacked at work, and she is struggling with how to deal with the aftermath. Because of the growing distance between her and Ethan since Miami, confiding in him doesn’t feel like an option.

Snapshots of Life Without You
Ethan has to learn how to live his life without Zyra. But can he learn how to move on? This story’s narrative is organized into chronological short stories about the rest of Ethan’s life.


The Winter in My Heart

There’s only so much Zyra can take. Ethan’s hot and cold behavior towards her finally reaches a breaking point. But it isn’t until Zyra receives some tragic news that leads to her making a choice. A choice to reach out to Ethan or to not. Does she CALL him or does she WITHHOLD the information? Her choice will create a different path towards the evolution of their relationship, one that will lead to either being with him or being without him.

Chapter 1: The Catalyst
Zyra makes a decision about her relationship with Ethan. And she is finally able to tell him exactly how she feels. But her decision will set the tone for what is to come.

Chapter 2: The Decision (CALL)
Zyra decides to call Ethan after receiving the news about her father’s death.

Chapter 3: The Decision (WITHHOLD)
Zyra decides not to call Ethan nor share the news about her father’s death with him.

Chapter 4: The Family (CALL)
Zyra is with her family in Colorado, but an unexpected visitor arrives, who may either improve or worsen the situation.

Chapter 5: The Family (WITHHOLD)
Zyra is with her family in Colorado, but her intense feelings may either worsen or improve the situation.

Chapter 6: The Funeral (CALL)
It is the day of the funeral.

Chapter 7: The Funeral (WITHHOLD)
It is the day of the funeral without Ethan.

Chapter 8: Ethan’s Decision
Zyra isn’t the only one whose choices will affect the outcome of her and Ethan’s relationship. Ethan also has to make his own decision.

Chapter 9: The Return (CALL)
Zyra returns back to Boston. She and Ethan may finally have to come to terms with what transpired in Colorado.

Chapter 10: The Return (WITHHOLD)
Zyra returns back to Boston. She and Ethan finally have to face each other.

Chapter 11: Ethan’s Conditions
When Ethan is faced with the issue of Gwenyth Monroe, he has to come to terms with his rule of conditions. This rule has him further contemplate his feelings for Zyra and how he responds to her return to Boston. His response will affect the direction their relationship will head.

Chapter 12: The Breakdown (CALL)
Zyra’s always been the brave, strong, no-holds-barred fighter for everything and everyone in her life. But even she has a breaking point when everything around her continues to fall apart.

Chapter 13: The Breakdown (WITHHOLD)
Zyra’s anger intensifies to a breaking point when everything around her continues to fall apart.

Chapter 14: Ethan’s Temptations
Ethan is consumed by his fears, insecurities, anger, guilt, and regret. Have these made him less or more resistant to the temptations from his past, present, and possible future? And how will this affect his perspective on reconciling with Zyra?

Chapter 15: The Truth (CALL)
With Zyra in the hospital, she receives an unexpected visit from Ethan. But this visit may be the very thing she needs to finally begin to move on from him.

Chapter 16: The Truth (WITHHOLD)
A serendipitous meeting finally gets Ethan and Zyra talking. It may be the very thing she needs to finally begin to deal with her anger. But will Zyra be able to open up to him and confide in him like she used to?

Chapter 17: Ethan’s Friendships Coming Soon!