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The Dark Knight Rises

Truth, Love, and Desire: The Primary Motivations of Bane
Bane is my most favorite character in The Dark Knight film trilogy. This post analyzes what exactly motivated his actions and choices in the film, by using the song Alibi by Thirty Seconds to Mars.

Choices: Stories You Play

Open Heart

Dr. Ethan Ramsey and MC Slow Burn Analysis
These posts analyze the progression of their slow burn throughout each chapter using a couple of relationship theories.
Chapter 1: The Doctor Is In
Chapter 2: Code Blue
Update: I will probably not continue with these analyses. But, I have provided a summary of the relationship in the post “The Issue with Chapter 15 in Open Heart”.

Looking Back at Ethan’s Behavior: The Dr. Banerji Clues
The reveal in Chapter 8 of Patient X was a heartbreaking moment. This post goes back to the previous chapters to explore the clues in Ethan’s behavior and how Naveen’s news had been affecting him the entire time behind the scenes.

It’s Complicated: The Relationship Challenges of Dr. Ethan Ramsey and MC
The slow burn between these two have been based upon Ethan’s personal ethics. But how much are his ethics at play and how much does he contradict them, while MC wants a relationship with him?

The Climax: What Type of Lover Is Dr. Ethan Ramsey?
It took a while for the 30 diamond scene with Ethan, but this scene explores in various ways who he is as a lover.

The Issue with Chapter 15 in Open Heart
There was always something off about MC and Ethan’s first time together. I try to explain the problem in the context of both their relationship development and the story.

The Frustration with Dr. Ethan Ramsey
Why has it been so frustrating romancing Ethan?

Dr. Ethan Jonah Ramsey: And All That Could Have Been
Why has the writing of Ethan Ramsey become a bit troublesome in Book 2?

Ethan Ramsey’s Open Heart
Why does Ethan push back against being with MC? I have a theory that might give an answer.


First Kiss Analysis: Thomas Hunt and Dr. Ethan Ramsey (Red Carpet Diaries and Open Heart)
There are parallels between the first kisses between Dr. Ethan Ramsey and Thomas Hunt with their respective MCs.